From Our Family to Yours

Mountain View
Meat Company

Since 1974

We earned our nickname as “Home of the Famous Hot Link” for good reason! Each batch of our famous smoked sausages are packed and shipped from our USDA Inspected facility located right here in the rural community of Stilwell, Oklahoma. For over 50 years, we have been perfecting the art of hand-craft sausages for our family and yours too. Crafted by hand, each of our sausages are fully cooked, delicious, and ready to eat in minutes.

Try them for yourself and taste the difference 50 years can make!

Home of the Famous Hot Link

Add Some Sizzle to Your Summer!

Mountain View sausages are the perfect addition to your weeknight meals. 
With so many flavors to choose from, there’s one for every night of the week!

Mountain View Meat's Ghost Pepper Sausage
Mountain View Meats' Hatch Green Chile sausage.
Mountain View Meat's Hot Link sausage.
Mountain View Meat's Queso Smoked sausage.

Our Products

Please note that our sausage links are sold in cases of 12.

A package of Mountain View Meats' hot links.
A package of Mountain View Meats' mild smoked sausage.
A package of Cajun Andouille sausage from Mountain View Meats.
A package of Polish sausage from Mountain View Meats.
A package of jalapeno cheddar sausage from Mountain View Meats.
A package of Mountain View Meats' Ghost Pepper sausage.
A package of Hatch Green Chile sausage from Mountain View Meats.
A package of queso smoked sausage from Mountain View Meats.


Ghost Pepper sausage, Hot Link sausage, Queso Smoked sausage, and Hatch Green Chile sausage.

Years in Business

Generations of Family

Oklahomans Employed

Happy Customers


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the spicy hot links.  They’ll have you hooked like a big-mouth bass! My family have eaten nothing but these for years.  I currently live in Georgia, but buy them in bulk when I come to Oklahoma. 

– Jan


Trust me I have been all over the world and you can’t find a better hotlink. Trust me, enough Said.

– Tim


STILL the best place ever to purchase meat! They treat you like family…and they are such great family! We love the beef and the pork should be fantastic too. We love buying local and supporting our community!

– Tiny