2016 Hot Link Cookoff People’s Choice Winner: Frybread Meat Pie

Submitted by Joshua Sam of Stilwell, Oklahoma

(Makes approximately 8 meat pies)

Ingredients for frybread:

4 cups self rising flour

½ cup dry milk

3 cups water

Vegetable oil for cooking

Ingredients for filling:

1 package Mountain View Hot Links

1 pound potatoes

1 small yellow onion

1 (8oz) package of Colby-Jack Cheese

Salt & Pepper to taste


Cook the hot links either on stove top or bake in the oven. Dice potatoes and fry in a skillet, salt and pepper for taste. Set hot links and potatoes to side for filling. Mix frybread ingredients in large bowl. Heat oil in a deep skillet. Divide frybread mixture in 8 evenly sized balls. Flatten the frybread 8 inches in diameter. Place cheese, potatoes, and hot links on one half of the frybread (Est. 1 ounce cheese, 1-2 ounces potatoes, 2-3 ounces hot links.) Close frybread and pinch the edges to prevent oil from opening the pie. Slowly place the meat pie in the skillet and fry 1 minute on each side or until dark golden brown.